“Real” life

For anyone who uses the app Timehop, you’ve probably had the “I can’t believe how long ago that was!” moment. For anyone else, it shows your past social media posts for that day. My Timehop feed has been filled lately with posts about my Kickstarter campaign from two years ago. It has been that long since I said I’d have volume two done by the end of the summer. Yesterday, it showed me inking a page from the new volume a year ago. Now, I’m closing in on finally finishing this. 

The moral of today’s story and the reason this post is really short as well…

“Real life” is just the thing that gets in the way of what you should be doing.


So, I had been planning to try and push through chapter 6 quickly. I wanted to get it written and at least drawn out before I start my new classes at the end of this month. To that end, I started the research for this section: reading old letters, journals, looking at pictures, etc. What I realized was two things:

  • A. I’m a pack rat.
  • B. There is way too much to go through or cover in the time I have.

I’ve decided to end book two at chapter 5. At first, I was worried it would seem like a cop-out or that I was shortchanging my audience. However, in the research, I came across several things I wanted to add into chapters 4 and 5. I think that even though book two may be a bit shorter, the quality of it and the next one will be all the better for it. My goal now is to finish book two by the end of the month!




Refocusing My Efforts


It was 2 years ago that I told backers I’d have volume 2 done in the fall 2013. I am obviously way behind. So, I am refocusing my efforts into getting this done. To that end, I’m putting my web comicing on hold and working on volume 2! I’ll still be posting every Wednesday, but it will be progress and process posts. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a link to the original kickstarter page for my book, and if you haven’t had the chance, you can purchase it in my store.

Metaphysics 1

As part of my new years challenge. I set myself to write an essay on metaphysics each month. The object is to improve my spiritual self through research and questioning. I’m late. But for January, I wanted to explain my own beliefs. I came to this idea first in high school and here it is. This is a part of the next volume of my long overdue book. Enjoy.

Page-9 Page-10Page-11Page-12Page-13 Page-14 Page-15 endnotes

All For One

Sometimes, you have that one student the makes everything worthwhile. Some of the best teaching advise I ever received was, “If the other students weren’t there, the class wouldn’t be offered. Help those you can and focus on the ones that want to learn.” This comic is dedicated to Cordis McCarthy. He was a rock star, always questioning, always looking for new ways to apply what he learned.